Transformers Cybertron Convention 2012

Went to the convention on the first day with Kevin and his sister. Initially I thought it was quite good (to be honest, I hardly ever visit these kind of fairs) until Kevin said it was quite disappointing and not worth the $12 entrance fees. (yea, laugh all you want, I’ve wasted 12 bucks! =p)

Decided to make the most out of the trip, I went on to photograph most of the custom-made transformers that were showcased there. Check out the transformers goodness via my flickr or see thumbnails below.

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Soapy, err what?

Suggestive name, but stands for School of Advanced Photography. Seems that this school was launched yesterday, I happened to attend the seminar (largely cause it was FREE!) and there were 5 award-winning (one of them was Russel Wong!) Singapore-based photographers who shared their experiences in going full time.

While I was glad to attend this free seminar and after seeing a real pro at work with studio lighting and whatnot, I knew this path is going to be interesting but a really difficult one.

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Casino @ RWS

It’s my maiden visit to the Resort World Sentosa. It’s been opened for quite sometime but I never got around to actually the time to come here.

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lovely sunset

I’ve never thought that I could see such a beautiful sunset just outside my home in Yishun. Shot this while I was returning home and I knew I had to hit the shutter with this. I took a couple more shots, but I know that the first one is still the best! Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.

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a whole load of stuffs missing since nov

Thanks to leafie, I just realized I have just missed out on updating my own blog! Things gotten hectic around end Oct with my solemnization, wedding in Nov, massive amount of workload in Dec (since I took a week off just before my wedding, the workload just piled up =\), Jan literally flew by with CNY just cruised along and now we’re in mid-Feb!

Come to think of it, mc and myself has yet to go on honeymoon! Sheesh, no wonder I’m feeling drained out. There’s quite a fair bit of things to update, but I guess I’ll take things slowly hereon. Kenny just got married couple days ago and it was nice meeting the rest of the gang again.

Oh yea, I just bought a new lens! It’s the 10-22mm wide angle and I loved it! Took me sometime to get used to, but I’m sure that landscape pictures will turn out better. I know, I know, it’s the photographer that matters, but sometimes you just gotta have a certain piece of equipment to achieve what you want. So with this lens, I hope that I will be able to take pretty landscapes when I go on my honeymoon. =D

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We’re married!

My dear Mee Chee,

I take you to be my lawfully wedded wife. I will cherish our union, support you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, in joy and in sorrow. I will love and honour you from this day forward, for as long as we both shall live. Let this ring be a faithful reminder of my unending commitment to you. I give this ring, as a token – I now marry you!

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2 more days…

My days of being a bachelor is numbered.. in just a blink of an eye, this Sunday arrives quickly!

Nervous? yea.. I keep having the constant feeling that I might have miss out something. Even after months of preparation, listing down all that needs to be done, ticking each checklist when it’s done, I just can’t shake this feeling off.

Nevertheless, I hope it will be smooth-sailing, fun experience and pray that the weather will be clear.

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